An Open Source Software by Stefan Lischke, hosted by http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmlbrain

Project not active, but idea is good :-)

Why XML?
XML is just a universal data format, nothing more? The strength of XML is the spread of this format in the computer networks. XML is a new abstract layer for dealing with data, process data and meta-data.

Why XMLbrain?
When working with XML, why do you use XML-frameworks in Java, C++, Perl ......?
Why not use an XML language for handling XML?
XMLbrain is an environment for XML applications, which are written in XML.

XMLbrain is a XML Middleware
XMLbrain consists of a native XML Database(eXist), a XSLT processor(Xalan) a XML Validating Library MSV from SUN and a http ConnectionFramework. These technologies combined act as a so called virtual environment.
Applications for XMLbrain are written in XML

Programs should know what they are doing
Programs that know what they are doing are able to communicate with programs, which are not known at the time of creation. This can be achieved by meta-data which is also represented in XML (RDF, TopicMaps)

So lets combine data, process data and meta-data and look at it with one type of glasses

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